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Kate Milne, Founder

I am so excited to bring you this new approach to aging and health, designed to empower women over the age of 50. Age Sister is a culmination of my research, teaching, and work in the community. I have spent my career working with older adults (from 50 to 103). Along the way, I noticed a gap in support and resources for women over the age of 50.

I want to help women feel powerful at any age – this starts from taking back ownership of your health. I also believe that the way that women of our age can feel less invisible, is to learn about the strength of our own bodies. This may be a time in our life that we are at an increased risk for chronic disease, but it is also a time when we have the most resources to  make profound changes to our health. It’s time we redefined what it means to be a 50+ woman.

Are you in? 

Your sister in health,


I am a health promotion and population health specialist. I am an Exercise Physiologist and researcher, working mainly with older women.

Kate Milne, Founder

My Values & Beliefs

I want to help you feel strong

I love human movement. I want to help you to feel strong and capable in your body, regardless of your age or current level of function. I also believe that anyone can improve their health and feel better about themselves with the right support.

I want to help you feel great in your body

I’m not interested in body-shaming, bullying tactics, or following the latest wellness trends. In the true spirit of health promotion, I care about you being able to feel capable and confident to carry out changes to best improve your own health. This comes from realistic goal-setting, evidence-informed programs, and a supportive community of like-minded women.

My details

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