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You plan for your retirement. Let’s plan for your health.

As women, we take care of everyone else before we take care of ourselves. As we move into our 50s and beyond, self-care is more important than ever before. Women over 50 have a unique opportunity to dramatically change the course of their aging and overall quality of life, just by making simple lifestyle changes.  

Age Sister doesn’t ask you to make extra time for healthy living; we teach you how to integrate healthy habits into your existing schedule, and our online community helps you make those changes stick. We want to help women get stronger, healthier, and be happier in their own bodies. If this sounds good to you, welcome to the Age Sisterhood.

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

We’re anti, anti-aging and pro powerful women.  Women who have confidence in their health and their bodies are far less likely to feel invisible. Join the sisterhood of women getting stronger everyday.

Learn simple strategies to increase activity in your day

Improve your strength and balance without ever visiting a gym

Lower your chronic disease risk and feel more confident in your body

Find support from other women just like you

Get started

Have a look at our blog articles and associated free resources to get started. We add high quality, free information and materials twice a month.

Connect with a coach

Improve your health and change the course of your aging – sign-up for a one-on-one lifestyle coaching package.  We’ll start with a free discovery call to see if we’re a match.

Go deeper

Want to learn more detailed information about the best ways that you can improve your aging? Register for one of our online courses.

What Is Age Sister?
Who is Age Sister for?

We don’t think aging is a dirty word. Age Sister is not just a program, it is a movement to celebrate the power of women over 50.  It is a system designed to help women take back ownership of their health and feel strong in their bodies. This isn’t your mother’s middle age – we’re doing things pretty differently.

Age Sister is evidence-informed.
Stories are great by they don’t make a good basis for health changes. We base our information and programs on current, peer-reviewed studies and industry best practices.
Age Sister is for women, by women.
We are women just like you. We believe in the autonomy of women to take care of themselves and to take ownership of their health.
Age-sister isn't designed to fight aging.
Aging begins at birth. Some of us are farther along on the aging journey, and that’s a good thing! We work with aging and celebrate the strength of 50+ women.
Age Sister is for all levels and abilities.
Age Sister is designed for women at all stages of the healthy living journey. If you’re just starting out and you feel like you need to make some changes to take better care of yourself, great! Welcome to the new you.
Age Sister is a celebration of the power of women.
We are in awe of the collective ability of women. We know  women over 50 are powerful beyond measure.

The Age Sister Story

I designed Age Sister because through my work with older adults I realized how little high-quality health and aging information for women 50+ was available. We know from research that if women in early older adulthood adopt healthy living strategies, their aging and quality of life will be substantially improved.

I also noticed how many women plan for the future – with finances, for their children, and for their retirements, but neglect to take care of their health.

If you have ever had trouble starting and maintaining a healthier lifestyle, we have evidence-informed methods to help you make a long-term shift.

Don’t we all need a sister on this journey?

Kate Milne, Founder

Your roadmap is waiting.

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Welcome to the Age Sisterhood! We're so happy you've joined us!

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